What to do if you already know the issues...

1. Email Regulator at VMRC about the pending permit application.
Public comment period still open!

2. Email Regulator at Army Corps of Engineers about the pending permit application.
Public comment period still open!

3. Email the Mayor of Virginia Beach!

4. View, then sign online petition.
Over 1,500 of you have signed the petition so far!

5. Demand they answer questions like why background checks & drug testing will not be required. Why unlimited dump trucks & barges will be allowed to operate. Why there are no plans for handling any emergencies when accidents occur.

First time hearing about this? You really want to check it out. This is not an April Fools Joke!

The "Official" Numbers

*80 - 140 dump truck trips a day at boat ramp
Rumor has it there will be NO limit!
*7-8 tandom dump trucks, a backhoe, sweeper tractor & a full size shipping container at boat ramp when working
*2 barges per hour being docked at bulkhead within channel
*4 barges plus tenders being used at the same time
*barge & 1-2 tenders being docked over night at bulkhead
*LBR&BF will be THE permanent dredge spoils transfer station for all of the Lynnhaven open to public AND private dredge spoils forever.

Source: "VBGov.com Project Page" Official Page at VBGov.com no longer available.
Archived Pages at SDCC.info.

Do the math!

That's at least 1 dump truck crossing in front of the ramp every 4 minutes. At least 2 barges crossing in the channel to get to bulkhead every hour!

They're trying to say; minimal inconvenience to those who use the boat ramp.

...Staff has thoroughly reviewed your comments and report it appears the questions posed are based on false premises. The proposed transfer facility operations will be structured in such a manner as not to interfere with the operational requirements of the boat ramp facility. Also, the City has not stated that boaters in transit in the Crab Creek channel would have the right-of-way. Rules of navigation would apply.

I hope this information is helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I may provide any further assistance.


James K. Spore
City Manager
City of Virginia Beach
2401 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Did you know this plan includes running 90 ton barges next to the Lesner Bridge?

"Assuming a tug/barge speed of 6 knots (6.9 MPH), it will take an average of 40 minutes to transit from dredge to transfer station. Allowing time for docking/undocking, there will probably be four barges in operation (one being filled, one being offloaded and two in various stages of transit.) "

The plan also includes tying up 1 barge & 2 tenders at the bulk head feet from the Lesner Bridge over night.

Will 24 hour security be provided to secure them?

Can you imagine how catastrophic it would be if.....

Ask The City what precautions are in place to ensure this could never happen.

You really want to check out the official info below. Really.

Dump Trucks EVERY 4 MINUTES ! ! !

Dump Trucks EVERY 4 MINUTES ! ! !

How in the hell could this possibly work safely?!

How in the hell could this possibly work safely?!

40,000+ of you used the LBR in 2007

We'll try to let you know:
We can start to let you know things like:
And, "Approximately 5,000 cy of material will be dredged to construct the project[transfer station] which will impact about 1,750 sf of sandy, non-vegetated tidal wetlands."

Don't the wetlands matter here too?

There are many more questions listed below.

Get some of them answered at The Official Project Page at VBGov.com.

Dig into info received so far from FOIA requests at SDCC.info.

How many thousands of dump trucks will share the parking lot.

How many hundreds of barges & tug boats will share the channel.

How this will stop the expansion of the parking lot that would have added more boat trailer parking.

If this will destroy the new oyster beds just being installed.

What other people think of this idea.
[Scroll down to find out.]

How many times the channel markers are changed to try to keep the channel open & marked safely.

If the barges, whether loaded or unloaded, could ever hit the Lesner Bridge.

How fast the current is where the loaded & unloaded barges will be tied up.

If the Coast Guard approved smaller pleasure craft having the right of way over the barge & tug boat traffic.

How many tons of material will be transported on the thousands of dump trucks & hundreds of barges.

Why the dump trucks won't use the Lesner Bridge.

How much the new 'Signature Bridge' will cost that will replace the Lesner Bridge.

How many miles the barges will travel from where they're dredging down in Pembroke.

How many miles the dump trucks will travel to South Oceana Boulevard near Oceana to transfer the spoils.

How this will stop Osprey Point Nature Park from happening.

What Osprey Point Nature Park is.

How much the proposed Permanent Dredge Spoils Transfer Station will cost tax payers.

How often the boat ramp will be closed.

View larger image of where the Permanent Dredge Transfer Station is planned.

Channel you share with 48' barge & it's tug.

View larger image of where most of the dredging is being done this time.

View Larger Map of dump truck route.